Andy and Ryan set to ‘Live Below the Line’ for charity

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Deesiders Andy and Ryan Bond are set to ‘Live below the Line’ from May 7 to 11, in aid of the charity Malaria No More UK.

It is part of a much wider campaign to ‘Live Below the Line’ along with 1.4 billion other people in the world who live in what the World Bank defines as extreme poverty.

Andy and Ryan, president of Banchory-Ternan Rotary Club, will limit their spending on food and drink to £1 a day each. Malaria is a terrible disease which affects nearly a quarter of the world’s population and kills over 655,000 people (mainly children) a year. It is a major factor contributing to world poverty, yet it is preventable. Although great strides have already been taken (in the last decade, deaths in Africa have been cut by a third), Malaria No More UK is fighting to reduce the number still further by projects to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.

People can join Andy and Ryan in their action, or sponsor them by contributing online at or by calling them on (01330) 844618.