Funding granted to Crathes Hall

Crathes Hall committee has been awarded £7,000 from Aberdeenshire Council’s area top up grant for energy-saving improvement works at the village amenity.

A report to councillors on the Marr Area Committee, meeting on Tuesday (February 14) in Torphins, said the hall committee was seeking funding towards the cost of deficit funding (£7,000) for works being carried out at the hall.

The report said the hall committee secured Climate Change Funding of £18,000 through Banchory Energy Reduction Initiative (BERI), which is time-limited to the end of March. The grant application was submitted on the basis of an estimated cost of £24,000 received from a local supplier. When the job went out for tender, costs increased to £31,000 partly because when preparing the estimate, the hall committee had not yet contacted building control or the structural engineer. Funds raised to date totalled £6,000.

Councillors heard how the works proposed for the hall to improve its thermal performance, save energy and make it a greater benefit to the community would meet actions contained in the Marr Community Plan to support community efforts to improve a community facility.

Councillor Karen Clark (Banchory and Mid Deeside) said: “I would fully support this application. They are a terrific community trying to improve their hall. This is sustainable - putting money in to support its performance. It is a lot of money, but money well spent. We should support this community effort.”

Councillor Jill Webster said: “It is a substantial amount of money but it is a significant project and will make a huge difference to the hall. I’m happy to see that they’ve raised a significant amount of money from BERI’s Climate Change Fund and I support this application.”