Woodend Barn’s Musical Instinct,

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Many a man has suffered a midlife crisis, wondering what it is he really wants from his life, but when a mechanical engineer from the Bronx decided to take a year out to pursue his music interests, his true vocation emerged.

Since Bruce Molsky agreed with his wife that he should take a year out to try being a musician full time at the age of 40, he has become internationally-recognised as the defining virtuoso of Appalachia’s timeless folk music tradition. Consequently, he never returned to engineering.

Molsky sees his success stemming from this late development and said: “The biggest lesson from changing careers at midlife is that you discover the strength is not in what you do; it’s in who you are.”

This ease with himself comes across to his audiences through his music as honest expression and Molsky has been described as ‘that unique blend of virtuoso and humble, nice guy that is irresistible to audiences.’

You can share in Grammy-nominee Molsky’s unique exploration of music and culture at Woodend Barn, Banchory, at 8pm on Tuesday, November 1.

Fife’s own Kenny Anderson, AKA King Creosote, suffered his own crisis, albeit at a more tender age.

Disillusioned by the way musicians were treated by the major record labels, Anderson set up his own label in 1995, Fence Records, to allow for a stress-free creative environment.

Doing things independently has paid off - this year he was nominated for the Mercury Music prize for his collaboration with John Hopkins and his label goes from strength to strength.

Label-mates Kid Canaveral will join KC onstage at the Barn on Friday, November 4 (doors open at 7.30pm) for separate sets followed by a combination of their talents, one song of which, Homerun and a Vow” ‘is released on October 31.

Tickets are available from the Woodend Barn box office on (01330) 825431.