Concerned by extent of planned development

Sir I read with interest your article (Piper, April 16) in connection with 'Public views sought on luxury hotel plan'.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th April 2010, 10:46 am

Having now viewed the proposal to its full extent I certainly, as a local resident have major concerns over the extent of this development.

The housing proposed stretches from the golf course beyond the existing housing and further along the Inchmarlo to Torphins direction. In all 122 properties, which the current infrastructure can not currently support. The proposal is another small village with nothing whatsoever, apart from a village green, put back into the community by the developers. The whole road structure would need a complete overhaul with the increase of traffic from 122 homes.

We have steadily seen an increase in traffic cutting through from Inchmarlo to Raemoir road via the ITE builings. This saves golfers who are late for their tee off time not having to go through Banchory but with the narrow road we are concerned for the safety of our family.

There have been several near misses over the past months and a proposal such as this will only increase that safety risk. This road certainly requires full consultation as currently it is a 60 mph road with no proper passing places.

We also understand that a biomass plant is to be built right on our doorstep. Not good for the local residents. Why can this not be built within the confines of the golf course?

There has been too many developers over the years come and go and add nothing to the local community. The last being the Hill of Banchory, with promises of a swimming pool and sports and leisure complex. What happened? The houses were built and sold, the developer took their profits, and still no sports centre.

I believe that the local council needs to think hard about the impact such a development will cause to the area. I am not opposed in principal to the hotel development but let's try and keep this in context. The extent of this is far too spread out with no concern whatsoever given to the current road layouts and structure.

As we have many times seen, the affordable homes end up in the hands of the nouveau riche only to be rented out to whoever can afford them or resold at a healthy profit. The young folk in Banchory need affordable homes so let us make sure that this is where they end up.

All of Banchory also needs a leisure complex so why not combine this with this proposed hotel development. Or is this development another just-for-profit exercise to make a quick buck?

I look forward with interest to how this proposal pans out but for sure I will be strongly objecting to the current proposal.

Yours etc

David Cox , BSc Hons.

East Brathens Cottage