Jimi Hendrix of the pipes to play Finzean

Described as the “Jimi Hendrix of the bagpipes”, internationally renowned piper Fred Morrison will be performing at Finzean Hall on Sunday, December 2.

Monday, 19th November 2012, 10:09 am

Fred will be accompanied by Matheu Watson, an award-winning young musician much in demand for his unique style and empathetic accompaniment.

Scottish piper Fred Morrison is one of the most skilled and inventive exponents of the bagpipes.

The celebrated Gaelic piping tradition of his father’s native South Uist forms the bedrock of his expressive, uniquely adventurous style.

Although his first-love instrument remains the great Highland bagpipes, over the years his mastery has expanded to encompass whistles, Scottish smallpipes, or reelpipes – Morrison being a pivotal populariser of this once-rare variety – and Irish uilleann pipes. He has also long been renowned as an outstanding tune composer.

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Matheu Watson was nominated Best Up and Coming Artist at the 2009 Scots Trad awards, and reached the finals of the Radio 2 Young Tradition Award when still at school. He has now released his first acclaimed solo album, a mix of his own compositions and older melodies

The concert is being organised by Woodend Barn as part of their outreach programme, which has this year also brought music and theatre events to Tarland and Braemar.

Tickets are available online at www.woodendbarn.co.uk or by phoning the Woodend Barn box office on 01330 825431.