Signs - a shining example of overkill

Sir I completely agree with Michael Rasmussen's letter ( 2.4) regarding the new crossing in Aboyne.

Wednesday, 7th April 2010, 1:15 pm

This is yet another example of the erosion of the village in deference to the omnipotent Roads Department.

This new 'feature' lies within the Aboyne Conservation Area, set up to protect and conserve the built environment. It's hard to imagine exactly what the Roads Department were attempting to conserve - perhaps their position of unchallengable power over our lives. Or their budget for next year.

Anyway, this is yet another ill considered unwelcome attempt to subjugate villagers to the all-powerful motor car. Like the speed bumps that were so vicious that the one outside the fire station had to be removed, and so useless that any competent driver can span them without slowing down. Or the one-way system that, to their credit, the locals ignored so consummately that it was removed. Or the 'improvements' to the top car park that resulted in the Aboyne to Ballater buses being unable to turn and having to make a circuit through minor residential roads, or simply ignoring the signs and turning anyway. Or the removal of the bridge over the old railway at Tarland Road made the juction much more dangerous, and means users of the Deeside Way, and residents of the new cardboard box houses adjacent, have to cross the Tarland Road instead of passing safely and unhindered below the road and through the former beautiful Victorian granite bridge.

And now we have this. A shining example of stupid, self-defeating, expensive, inappropriate, beaurocratic overkill. All that was required was a simple zebra crossing, like the one that was evidently good enough for the kids up at the school. But here it has been deemed necessary to have traffic lights as well, right at a junction that will be blocked when cars are stopped at the red light. And what's the deal with all the IN and OUT signs? Are we so completely dense that we can't work it out for ourselves?

Please, Councillor Peter Argyle and Roads Department, help us to look after our village and preserve it for the future. How come Kincardine O'Neil gets Victorian style streetlights, riven paving slabs and cassies, and we get acres of tarmac and traffic lights?

Yours etc

David G L Hammond

The Neuk

Balleter Road