Bawdy humour, innuendo galore: they’ve Dinnet well

Last week saw the roof of the Kinord Hall, Dinnet, blown off as Deeside audiences were transported back to the14th century.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd July 2014, 9:13 am

How was this feat possible? A group of players at the Kinord Hall, Dinnet presented their own irreverent take on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Right from the moment the audience arrived at the hall, the fun began as the cast cajoled, pleaded with and bribed the audience to vote for their tale at the end of the evening.

Taking the format of a tale telling competition, the audiences were treated to The Knight’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Reeve’s Tale, The Cook’s Tale, The Nun’s Tale and The Merchant’s Tale.

At the beginning of the evening the audience were advised that the seventh tale, The Miller’s Tale, had been banned as a result of its lewdness. When the Miller refused to take part in anyone else’s tales, the MC relented and allowed him to tell his top 10, medieval mucky jokes!

And thus began an evening of bawdy humour, innuendo galore and hilarious antics for the audience to enjoy.

The running order of the tales was selected by the audience by means of a draw before each tale, then while the cast readied themselves, the Miller ‘treated’ the audience to another of his saucy stories. The tales themselves were narrated by a cast member and acted out, or should that be sent up, by other members of the company.

Audience reports rang of great appreciation.