Banchory rum distillery makes debut at auction with rare collection

Scotland’s first rum distillery, Dark Matter Distillers, are continuing to break tradition by making their auction debut with the first nine bottles of their highly-anticipated cask-aged rum.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 9:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 9:24 am
The distillers are making their debut at auction with a nine bottle collection, 'The Physicist Series' (Photo: Rum Auctioneer)
The distillers are making their debut at auction with a nine bottle collection, 'The Physicist Series' (Photo: Rum Auctioneer)

Bottles 1 - 9 are the first-ever to be released from Scotland' s original native rum Cask 001, filled on August 28, 2015, when Dark Matter Distillers initially launched.

Continuing to take inspiration from the world of science, Bottles 1 - 9 have been curated into a single collection known as The Physicist Series, with each bottling named after a renowned name from the world of science.

Filled into a virgin American oak barrel at 63.5% ABV, six years later these pioneering bottles have an undiluted cask strength of 66.3% having intensified during maturation; an unusual phenomenon created under specific warehouse conditions.

The collection is exclusive to Rum Auctioneer (Photo: Rum Auctioneer)

The bottles are filled pure and unadulterated at six years old, with no filtering, dilution, additives, sugar or colourings.

In a partnership first with market leaders Rum Auctioneer, the nine unique bottles within the pioneering ‘The Physicist Series’ celebrate the greatest minds in science.

Jim Ewen, Managing Director of Dark Matter Distillers said: “We’re incredibly excited to bring a truly unique offering to auction and take another step forward in our continual growth as a rum producer.

"Bottles 01 - 09, from Cask 001, from Scotland’s first rum distillery represent a wonderful opportunity for collectors, but also announce that we're here for the long term; committed to the highest standards of rum distilling.

“With our ethos embedded in knowledge and science, it was only natural for this first-of-its-kind collection to celebrate the imagination and insights of some of the most influential scientific minds who have shaped our understanding of the universe.”

Joe Wilson, Head of Auction Content at Rum Auctioneer said: “The majority of rum that is featured on our platform originates from traditional rum-producing countries such as those in the Caribbean.

"It's therefore a pleasure and unique opportunity for us to be able to put a spotlight on rum produced right here in Scotland.”

Joe added: “Having followed their story and unique production processes over the last six years, we are particularly excited to now offer Dark Matter Distiller's inaugural cask aged rum at auction.

"Drawn from Scotland's very first rum cask, the Physicist Series offers a true piece of rum history for any avid enthusiast or collector.”

Beginning on Friday, November 5 the auction will conclude on Monday, November 15.

Dark Matter Distillers set up and launched Scotland’s first rum distillery in 2015.

Sidestepping tradition in a country more known for its whisky and gin heritage, from the outset Dark Matter Distillers have been driven by a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

Based in Banchory, the distillery is singularly focused on rum production with a special emphasis on fermentation using the highest quality refiners grade molasses as the base for fermentation.

Visit the distillery’s website at to find out more.