Deeside women launch new business

Lisa Bailey (left) and Susan Stewart have launched 7Seeds.
Lisa Bailey (left) and Susan Stewart have launched 7Seeds.

Two Deeside women have launched a new business inspired by their own personal and professional experiences.

Susan Stewart and Lisa Bailey launched 7Seeds, which has been created to help women nurture their personal growth and provides programmes for engaging, inspiring and supporting women to live the life they want, healthily, in balance and on purpose.

The start-up is the culmination of Susan and Lisa’s life stories and professional experience.

Lisa and Susan’s passion for helping women comes from overcoming significant difficulties in their own lives.

Susan enjoyed a relatively happy home life and successful career. Yet two years ago she was forced to take stock. She was overweight, unfit, and a series of significant life events both personally and professionally had taken their toll. Her wakeup call was watching her two grown-up daughters struggle with confidence and self esteem and Susan became determined to change.

She focused first on her health and wellbeing, and in the process she met Lisa.

Lisa’s has struggled with a number of health-related issues that her many doctors were unable to solve.

Determined to have a good quality life, she took control of her nutrition and, as a result health, in her own hands.

In finding herself vulnerable psychologically and financially she built her inner strength to move forward with her life.

Now happily married and enjoying her sons as they move into adulthood, Lisa has no doubt that her life experience has taught her the need to live life healthily, in balance and on purpose.

In seeking help from others, Lisa and Susan have found that typically the solutions that are offered to women are narrow in focus.

They know that women’s issues are more complex, and as a result created the 7Seeds holistic and personalised model, looking at each aspect of a woman’s life.

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