Anger over latest school vandalism

The vandalism occurred at Hill of Banchory School
The vandalism occurred at Hill of Banchory School

Parents have condemned vandals who again targeted a Banchory school.

The eco-garden at Hill of Banchory Primary was damaged in the latest incident.

There have also been reports of bottles being smashed in the playground at the rear of the building.

Police have been informed about the recent incident.

One parent said: “As a parent at the school I am saddened and angry that this is occurring now on too regular a basis.

“Let’s be clear that it is an act of a few mindless vandals who are causing this but they are creating a bad name for the area and for the academy.

“Parents need to start taking responsibility for what their children are doing when out of the house at the weekends.”

The vandalism also angered local Councillor Ann Ross. She said: “It is very disappointing that a few mindless individuals are prepared to spoil all the hard work by pupils, staff and parents that went into making the eco garden.

“It was a fantastic resource for pupils use, and sadly it is not the first time this has happened.”

Banchory Commmunity Council chair Mary Lennox added: “This is very disappointing and upsetting. To do something like this to a project involving young children and of value to the environment is very low and mean behaviour.

“Around the same time, the Youth 2000 shelters in King George V Park were badly damaged by fire. These shelters were provided by the community council to celebrate the Millennium.

“Banchory is a lovely place to live but the mindless vandalism of a few can spoil things for others.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “It is disappointing that the eco-garden at Hill of Banchory School has been vandalised again. Vandalism is not a victimless crime, as with all instances of vandalism to council properties, tax payers’ money will be spent on repairs.

“The school has informed the police. However, we would encourage anyone who has information about any instance of vandalism to come forward and report it to the authorities.”