Ballater Nursery praised for pandemic support

A north east nursery has been praised for its care and support given to children and parents throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 7:00 am
Ballater School Nursery

The Care Inspectorate carried out a virtual inspection of Ballater School Nursery in November last year involving video calls, emails and telephone calls with children, the nursery manager, staff and parents.

Documents requested by the service were also assessed and formed part of the feedback.

This was a focused inspection to evaluate how well children were being supported during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Care Inspectorate evaluated the service b ased on key areas that are vital to the support and well- being of children experiencing care during the pandemic. It also evaluated the service response to previous recommendations and requirements.

The inspection was carried out by two inspectors from the Care Inspectorate.

The Care Inspectorate gave the nursery a “g ood” grading, a four in its six point grading system where a one is “unsatisfactory” and a six is “excellent”.

Inspectors spoke to two parents by phone and both said that they were “happy” with the care provided by the nursery.

They added that staff had been in touch during the initial lockdown and after children returned to nursery.

Inspectors noted that the staff “fostered a warm, welcoming ethos” and were “caring and nurturing” with both children and families.

Staff were also said to be “proactive and responsive” to the changing situation.

Following the return to nursery, staff were praised for having “clear policies and procedures” in place with regards to infection prevention and control.

Staff also noted that they had a weekly cleaning rota and helped the children to wash their hands properly.

Nursery management was also praised for “appropriately and effectively” supporting staff.

However, the Ballater nursery was given two areas of improvement to work on – the first being to review the use of hand gel for children when soap and water is available and the second is for management to undertake “effective, regular monitoring of staff practice”.