Marr academies post impressive results

Banchory Academy recorded strong exam results during the 2017-18 session
Banchory Academy recorded strong exam results during the 2017-18 session

All four academies within the Marr area have posted strong attainment levels for the last session.

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Marr Area Committee heard from all four headteachers today (Tuesday) that they were delighted with the results posted for 2017-18.

The headteachers also praised their teaching and non-teaching staff, together with parent groups and, of course, the pupils themselves for making not just the curriculum but the extra-curricular activities so successful.

All four academies have enjoyed a raft of sporting successes, while also seeing exceptional efforts in the educational, cultural and voluntary arenas.

Commenting on strong attainment figures and school achievements, Huntly councillor John latham said: “We appreciate the challenges you all face, but every year you impress us an inspire us.”

Aboyne Academy saw sustained growth for the third year in a row in terms of S4 students achieving five or more awards at Level 5 or better.

The 61% attainment outperformed the Aberdeenshire average of 53% and the Scottish average of 48%.

For SCQF Levels 4 and 5, the school’s attainment for literacy and numeracy remains well above all comparisons at 66%.

At S5, there was a mixed picture of attainment across the measures with some showing some improvement in 2018 compared with 2017 and others not quite as strong as they had previously been. However, attainment was broadly in line with what might have been expected, based on the same cohort’s attainment at S4.

It was a similar story at Alford Academy, with the percentage of pupils achieving five or more awards at Level 5 or better rising to 56% by the end of S4 - again higher than the Shire and national average.

Councillors heard that the measures focusing on literacy and numeracy showed attainment was down slightly compared to 2017 at SCQF Level 4 but broadly stable at SCQF Level 5.

At S5, the school’s attainment was broadly in line across the range of measures, while at S6, there was a mixed picture across the range of measures with some showing notable improvement in 2018, remaining significantly above that of its comparisons.

At Banchory, there was improvement across most general measures of attainment at S4 in 2018, with the percentage of young people attaining five or more awards at SCQF Level 5 increasing by 10% to an impressive 76% compared with 2017.

At S5, across the measures, the 64% attainment was not as strong in 2018 as it had been the previous year (73%), however for most measures at this stage, the school’s level of attainment remains well above that of its comparators.

The school also maintained its significant advantage in level of attainment over that of all comparators at S6 - 64% - notwithstanding there being considerable variation in the performance of individual measures compared with last year.

And finally at The Gordon Schools, Huntly, S4 attainment levels of 47% were somewhat lower in 2018 compared with those achieved in the previous year.

There was improvement across most of the measures at S5 and the school was successful in significantly reducing the gap to the level of attainment of its virtual comparator to 41% across measures where it had previously been lower.

S6 showed improvement compared with last year across all measures, with the margin of the improvement reflected in the tariff points based measures being significant. The school’s level of attainment is also well above that of its comparator across all measures at this stage.