Banchory dental practice pledges to protect children’s teeth

Dedicated dentists from a Banchory practice have pledged their time in the urgent fight to stem a growing oral health emergency affecting the country’s children.

By Kevin McRoberts
Thursday, 10th March 2022, 3:45 pm

Banchory Dental Practice is part of Clyde Munro Dental Group’s target of treating at least 1000 children with a fluoride varnish (FV) application in dedicated out of hours clinics by the close of 2022 – one of the most effective treatments for preventing tooth decay in children from the age of two.

Typically offered up to twice a year, the Covid pandemic-induced backlog means it is not currently as readily available to families under NHS services.

The pledge comes after worrying statistics showed that 850,000 fewer patients had been seen in the past two years compared to 2017-2019. In children’s services just 55 per cent of children in the most deprived areas have seen a dentist.

Clyde Munro dentists are carrying our fluoride varnish treatments for children.

Jacqui Frederick, Clyde Munro group clinical director, said: “We’re a predominantly NHS-based group and we take our responsibility as Scotland’s biggest dental group seriously.

“Our dentists are deeply concerned at falling numbers of young patients accessing NHS dentistry services. The pandemic has set back the oral health of so many people and we want to be a part of the fightback.

“We wish we didn’t have to volunteer time out of hours to get this done – but in doing so we can reach out to those in need, any concerned parents or guardians can contact their nearest Clyde Munro practice to enquire about FV clinics.”

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