Take a test before visiting NHS Grampian hospitals

Relatives and friends visiting patients in hospital are being reminded of the importance of carrying out Lateral Flow Device tests before every visit.

By Kevin McRoberts
Monday, 20th December 2021, 3:29 pm
Visitors are being urged to test before going to see patients in hospital.
Visitors are being urged to test before going to see patients in hospital.

NHS Grampian is continuing to support up to two visitors, per patient, per day in hospitals. Visits must be arranged with ward staff in advance. Depending on the needs of patients on individual wards and the layout of the ward, visitors may be asked to attend one at a time.

Senior nurse Lyn Pirie said: “We know how important it is for people in hospital to maintain contact with loved ones and we will support that wherever possible. We need the general public to work with us and take an LFD test before every visit. If it is positive, they must start self-isolation and book a PCR test.

“While Covid-19 is obviously a significant concern, we need visitors to remember other illnesses are out there. If they are suffering from colds, ’flu or norovirus, the last thing they should do is visit someone in hospital."

“We know there will be emergencies where it is neither possible nor practical to take a test before coming into hospital. We are not making a negative test result a condition of entry for hospital visitors. What we are doing is urging the public, in the strongest possible terms, to pick up a test kit and carry out a test before every hospital visit.”

Hospital visitors are also asked to use a Fluid Repellent Surgical Mask instead of a fabric face covering, unless exempt. These masks are available at every hospital entrance. Hand hygiene should be undertaken regularly during hospital visits.