Blooming marvellous 75th flower show

After 75 years on the gardening scene, Banchory Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show is still proving a resounding success.

Monday, 8th September 2014, 1:54 pm

Long serving Honorary President, Mrs Sheila Ferres, presented the prizes at the show in Banchory Town Hall on September 7.


Pot Plants - Malcolm Trophy - Murray Reid. Morraine Cup - Leonard Kemp.Ferres Trophy - Ian Chapman. Niven Trophy - Karin Maddox.

Cut Flowers - Kerr Rose Bowl - Diana Robertson. James Smith Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Murray Reid. Kenwood Trophy - Murray Reid. Inchmarlo Cup - Alex Melvin.

Sweet Pea Dungeith Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Murray Reid. National Sweet Pea Society’s Diploma - Murray Reid. Sweet Pea Medal - Murray Reid.

Vegetables - Dalvenie Cup & British Legion Perpetual Trophy - George Cumming.

Fruit - Durward Perpetual Challenge Cup - ArthurMenzies.

Woodend Allotments - Provost George Wilson Trophy - Rona Smith. Burgh of Banchory Cup - Tim Williamson.

Chrysanthemums - National Chrysanthemum Society’s Silver Medal - George McAra.

Dahlias - Autumn Championship for the Craig Perpetual Challenge Trophy - A & D Davidson.Scolty Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Murray Reid. Society Certificate of Merit - Douglas Craig.

Gladioli - Chivas Webster Cup - Murray Reid.

Floral Arrangement - Wayman Trophy - Johan White. Burnett Trophy - Catherine Dey. Craig Salver -Johan White. Christie Cup - Catherine Dey.

Industrial - Arbuthnott Trophy & Coutts Trophy - Cathy Brown. Cox Perpetual Challenge Cup - Paula Silvester. Banchory Horticultural Challenge Salver - Mid Deeside Young Farmers. The Stewart Trophy - Edna Leavitt. The Deeside Photographics Trophy - Paula Silvester.

Junior Plants & Vegetables - Craigbhea Perpetual Challenge Cup - Iona Kellas.

Junior Industrial - Cromar Trophy - R Kellas. Kerloch Trophy - Lyndsay Brown. Tilquhillie Trophy - Crathes School.