Culter in Bloom: keep the village clean for judging

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Peterculter residents are urged to make sure their gardens and streets are clean and tidy next week when judges from the Beautiful Scotland competition visit the area.

The judges are set to visit Peterculter on Wednesday, July 30, between 10am and noon.

Culter in Bloom volunteers and local residents have dedicated their time to beautifying the village for the past 10 years, but the area has yet to win Gold.

Past judges have blamed this on litter.

Culter in Bloom chair, Erik Stien, said: “In their tour, the judges are looking for evidence of wholehearted commitment to pride in the area, its heritage and environment by the community at large, including residents and local businesses.

‘‘Tthey don’t just look at what we want to show them.

‘‘Everyone has to ‘raise their game’ when they come!”

The judges will tour the length of North Deeside Road from the Rob Roy Bridge to the eastern entrance at Milltimber Brae.

They will also take in a number of side roads along the way.