Dracula to stalk Deeside streets in new book

FRIGHT: North- east novelist Xander Buchan with the new book.
FRIGHT: North- east novelist Xander Buchan with the new book.

Dracula has risen from his crypt and is out to stalk the streets of Deeside in a new novel out this week.

“Dracula Rekindled” is a present-day sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic original by self-published North- east authour Xander Buchan.

The terrifying Transylvanian, described by Xander as “evil to the core”, will be chasing down Jonathan Harker in locations like Ballater and Braemar.

Xander said: “Although I’ve written this to have international appeal, and spans over numerous locations, I’ve very deliberately included the Deeside and Donside areas which are very close to my heart. The last portion of the book sees a frantic race westwards from the coast, into the Highlands and Cairngorms through “Dallater” and “Draemar”. Make no mistake, these are Ballater and Braemar – and the Fife Arms Hotel is my “unnamed” hotel on the last night of the story.”

Being a fan of the Stoker original, Xander decided to put pen to paper two years ago on a follow up: “I’ve been a fan of Dracula for as long as I can remember. Strangely though, it wasn’t until three years ago that I actually sat down to read Bram Stoker’s original novel. It was an amazing piece of horror fiction, and it was immediately clear why the work has become regarded as a horror classic.

He hopes it to be a remedy to the “Twilight” style vampire fiction of recent years by writing in Stoker’s style: “There is a stark contrast between Dracula Rekindled, and the “Twilight-style” of recent years. To be honest they aren’t comparable. The vampires (in Twilight) are “cute”, have bad impulses but are basically good. These are vampire stories, but they are first and foremost Young Adult romance stories with some fangs, punches and frowns thrown in.

As for Dracula; no matter how cunning or agreeable he seems, he is the same monster from Stoker’s novel. Evil to the core... and determined to feed off the blood of the living. This time he has designs on Scotland but the how’s and why’s only becomes clear as the story unfolds.”

The book is available in paperback or kindle.