Green light for “driving school”

Donside’s youngest drivers will get the chance to get their very first licence with permission being granted for a “junior driving school”in Alford.

Permission was given for the school at the Grampian Transport Museum at the Marr Area Committee meeting this week.

The school will be made up of a track with small vehicles aimed at children aged between three and eleven.

The cars will go no faster than walking speed and the aim is to get youngsters thinking about road safety from an early age.

Museum curator Mike Ward said: “We hope it will help the children learn about basic road safety- things like traffic signs, road markings, driving on the left and how to operate a car. It’ll hopefully give them an insight into what drivers actually do on the roads.”

The new track will open on the first day of the museum’s next season.

Mr Ward told the Piper of how the school would operate: “Safety is always our first concern so we have a remote cut-off point in case any children get carried away when behind the wheel. The facility will be made available to museum visitors for a very small charge.”

“We are looking forward to seeing it!”

The track will be staffed by a “junior examiner” who will award licences to the children who drive safely.