Black to basics

Sometimes we yearn for life to be simple and our choices ‘black and white’, in the hope that prevarication and confusion can be avoided.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 8th August 2015, 5:00 pm
Black and white. PA
Black and white. PA

That’s rarely realistic unfortunately, but taking a monochrome approach could be a perfect stress-free solution for decor.

No one’s more convinced of the merit and power of a classic black and white pairing than Hilary Robertson, author of Monochrome Home.

“White loves black. Black loves white. Exploring their relationship builds an interior which is timeless, flexible, practical and liberating,” she enthuses.

“By restricting the colour palette, having a colour cleanse if you like, any number of eclectic elements can easily exist happily together; inexpensive or simple things will look more sophisticated and decorating decisions are made easier.”

Choosing a monochrome interior is a minimalist stance, she points out, but more than that, it’s a refusal to get caught up in the drama of colour, with all the attendant complications of what goes with what, which, all too often, bedevils the amateur decorator.

“Once you decide all the colours of the rainbow are not an option and commit to a monochrome scheme, you won’t find it restrictive or as drastic as it sounds,” she reassures. “Creativity can flourish within the boundaries of black, white, grey and all the shades in between. It actually affords the decorator considerable freedom to experiment with mixing pieces from different decades, adding pattern and layering texture.”

Deciding which type of ‘monochromist’ you are, she says, will ensure your interpretation truly matches your taste. “Just as there are night people, who favour black and moody, atmospheric boltholes, there are others who prefer to bathe in light with black merely providing a subtle contrast,” she points out.Choose from a ‘white-out’ or ‘back to black’ approach and transform your home simply into a stylish space.... It might even change your life too!