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David McCrae
David McCrae

A twenty-year-old Banchory man has put pen to paper to realise his long-held ambition of becoming a published author.

University of Glasgow psychology student David McCrae, currently back in his hometown for the summer holidays, has published his first novel “Innocence Lost” on website

The novel, which David hopes to be the beginning of a trilogy, follows the life and times of a Dutch crime family in London’s east end.

The Sneijders, Holland’s equivalent to the Corleone family in Mario Puzzo’s Godfather trilogy, must overcome manipulation, vendettas and violence to survive in their tough underworld existence.

Like Michael Corelone, Oscar Sneijder represents the family’s hope for a legitimate future, but can he resist the lifestyle that has snared the rest of his family?

Author David told the Piper: “Since I was a kid I have always wanted to be an author. Other kids wanted to do things like be a fireman, farmer, police man etc- I always wanted to write.

“I had the plot running through my head for a while, I always thought that I’d write it when I’d settled into a comfortable job and had some security but I just thought-’why not go for it?’”

And go for it he did.

“I just sat down and wrote the first draft straight through last year. My dad had a read through and made some comments. Obviously I have been developing my writing skills at Uni so I have ended up re-writing a lot of it.”: he added

David was also keen to stress that the novel,while appearing in the ‘crime’ genre, was gender-neutral in its tone and raised some serious social issues: “People have watched the Godfather and been able to enjoy it even if they don’t really like mafia films. I tried to do something similar here- I’ve passed the book onto some girls and they said that they enjoyed it too.”

Innoncence Lost is available on, priced £3.07