Plenty on around Logie Coldstone

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There will be much to do in May in Logie Coldstone, as the village hosts multiple events.

Community events will be the order of the day as they follow on from some of April’s events.

On Wednesday, April 10 there was an energy efficiency training day.

Here, Jill and Richard Carnegie from SCARF delivered an engaging and relevant training session about how to save energy at home.

Participants commented that they learnt more in one day that they thought possible and appreciated the practical and hand on approach which they hope will help them manage energy more sustainable.

This session kicked off Logie Coldstone Trusts programme of activity aimed at tackling climate change, reducing our carbon footprint and helping everyone in the community to save money and energy.

On Wednesday, April 24 the village continued the program with ‘Cosy Cosy’.

This saw energy saving experts, ‘Toasty Tim’ and ‘Thermal Thelma’ pay a visit to Logie Coldstone school where they invited Logie Coldstone residents to enjoy a fun and interactive session exploring how heat travels, how we can stop it escaping and how this equates to saving money, energy and the planet.

Into May and Sunday the 5th saw the duck race.

Residents joined the ducks for a thrilling afternoon of races at our picturesque setting.

Residents were able to buy ducks on the day and light refreshments were available at the burn side. Alternate children’s duck races ensured an engaging afternoon’s entertainment for all ages.

Onto upcoming events and Sunday, May 26 will be the day of the Morven Walk.

Locals are invited to join the community walk up Morven. Meet at Logie Coldstone school at 10.30am. A BBQ is to follow at the Airedale Lounge. All are welcome with donations going to Logie Coldstone Trust for hall renovations.

As part of the ‘Logie Coldstone Trust tackles climate change’ project there will be an Energy Saving Trust and SCARF open session on Tuesday, May 14.

With the help of SCARF (Save Cash and reduce Fuel) and the EST (Energy Saving Trust), residents are urged to come and hear about how you can keep cosy, save energy and save money.

On Tuesday, May 21 and weekly thereafter there will be energy awareness sessions in Logie Coldstone School from 7pm onwards, where information and experiences can be shared and energy monitors provided on loan.

Local MSP Dennis Robertson said of the fund in November last year when it was awarded funding: “I am delighted for the people of Logie Coldstone... this level of funding will make a huge difference to this active community”.