4x4s owned by one in four town drivers


Banchory has overtaken the affluent London suburb of Chelsea in terms of 4x4 vehicle ownership, a survey by car insurer Admiral has shown.

An examination of Banchory’s car parks between noon and 1.30pm seems to corroborate the statistics, showing roughly 35% of users having parked 4x4s.

In the past, the term ‘Chelsea Tractors’ has been applied to four-wheel-drive cars in light of the prosperous London borough’s zeal for the vehicles.

Chelsea’s SW3 postcode has traditionally topped Britain’s 4x4 league table.

Now, having lost its title to Banchory, it also has fewer than neighbouring Kensington and Knightsbridge - coinciding with five years of increasing 4x4 sales which has seen annual registrations almost double across the country.

According to the survey, farmers are still the drivers most likely to own one but the list of top 10 buyers is otherwise filled with property developers, landlords, company directors, finance chiefs and bankers.

The top 10 areas for ownership in the country is made up of London boroughs, Aberdeenshire and the English Home Counties.

Aberdeenshire takes up four of the top 10 places, including Banchory in first place.

The survey statistics were based on more than three million policyholders and showed that those with children are more than twice as likely to buy one.

Some one in seven (14 per cent) of drivers with at least one child have one compared to just six per cent of those without children.

Rebecca Cannon-Meldrum, of Inchmarlo, said: “I own a 4x4... I would say for the snow but that’s yet to arrive!

‘‘I just like being in a big high up 4x4 that I know will be great should the weather turn.

Lee Clement said: “Speaking as a Deesider in London, at least in Banchory there is sometimes a use for them - unlike down here!”