500 days of kennels

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The Scottish SPCA is appealing to dog lovers in Aberdeenshire after a staffie has faced 500 days of rejection at Drumoak.

Five-year old Bolt has been moved to the Drumoak Rehoming and Rescue Centre after being overlooked for 18 months in the charity’s Glasgow centre.

Assistant manager Debbie Innes said: “Quite simple, Bolt is nobody’s dog. Nobody seems to want him and nobody seems to care that this poor boy has spent nearly a year and a half in kennels.

“But we care, which is why we’ve launched a special appeal to finally find him the devoted owner he deserves.”

Bolt was moved up to Deeside in the hope that he would find his perfect home in the North East.

Debbie said: “We never put any healthy animals to sleep so we won’t give up on Bolt even if it takes him another 500 days to be rehomed.

“Bolt’s heart grows heavier every time he sees his fellow dogs leaving to start their new lives and it must be very difficult for him to understand why he hasn’t been chosen yet.”

He is well trained and agile, if rather bouncy. He is sociable around other dogs, although having been alone and rejected for so long, he would probably prefer the sole attention of his new owner.