530 air weapons surrendered in NE

Some of the air weapons which have been handed in to Police during the amnesty so far.
Some of the air weapons which have been handed in to Police during the amnesty so far.

Over 530 air weapons have been surrendered in the north east as part of the national air weapon, the highest number of any division in Scotland.

To date 531 weapons have been handed in to police stations across the north east and officers are reminding the public to surrender any remaining air weapons at police stations across the region before next Sunday.

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015 comes fully into effect on December 31, 2016. The new law will require any person who possesses, purchases, uses or acquires an air weapon to have a certificate to hold them legally.

It will be an offence not to have a certificate for these purposes from December 31, 2016, unless you are exempt, but from July 1, 2016, you will be able to apply to Police Scotland for a certificate.

Chief Inspector Richard Craig, who is leading the air weapon campaign in the north east, said : “The surrender campaign has only been active for less than two weeks however it is very encouraging that so many air weapons have been handed in here in the north east already.

“Every one of these weapons has the potential to cause serious injury or death, in particular to children or young people if handled incorrectly. There will be many lying around in homes across the north east unused and this is a great opportunity to get rid of them.

“I would encourage anyone who has such a weapon to consider if they are likely to apply for a certificate under the new legislation and if not, hand it in to one of designated stations over the next week. It will remove the risk from their family and other members of the public.”

The Designated Police Offices within North East Division which will have trained staff on duty to receive Air Weapons include:

Queen Street Police Office, Queen Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1ZA; Inverurie Police Office, Blackhall Road, Inverurie, AB51 5QF; Fraserburgh Police Office, Finlayson Street, Aberdeenshire, AB43 9UQ; Stonehaven Police Office, Dunnottar Avenue, Stonehaven, AB39 2JP; Banchory Police Office, High Street, Banchory, AB31 5RP; Ellon Police Office, Bridge Street, Ellon, AB41 9AX; Huntly Police Office, 11 Castle Street, Huntly, AB54 8BP.

For further information, see www.scotland.police.uk/airweaponsurrender.

The three week surrender campaign started on Monday, May 23, and runs until Sunday, June 12.