A helping hand for Belwade Farm’s rescued horses

Horses from World Horse Welfare’s Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Aboyne will be benefitting from some extra training at the end of the month.

The inspirational horsewoman Lynn Henry is visiting the North-east of Scotland and will be at Belwade Farm on Saturday, March 31.

One of the charity’s horses called Jim Bob will be taking part in Lynn’s one-day clinic. The four year-old thoroughbred gelding was part of the high profile Aberdeenshire Valerie Pritchard case and has now been rehomed to Chloe McCutcheon of nearby Finzean.

With Lynn’s guidance, horses and their owners will learn how to build confidence, in each other and generally, when encountering new or challenging situations.

World Horse Welfare’s Spike, a pony currently being cared for by staff at Belwade Farm, will be one of the stars of Lynn’s evening demonstration. Spike will be helping the audience appreciate how handlers and riders can lighten their aids but still communicate with a pony clearly, calmly and effectively.

Lynn will also be demonstrating how to work a youngster that evening using another pony.

Another of the charity’s horses called Paisley was rehomed in 2010 by Sophia Strang Steel who lives in nearby Glassel.

Sophia will be working with Paisley while she is updating her training as a ‘Think Like a Pony’ instructor. Sophia says she likes the Think Like a Pony approach because it supports the basis of good horsemanship. It offers a foundation of training which is suitable for any horse or pony and can be applied to any discipline. It takes into consideration the holistic welfare of the horse or pony, and helps to make riding and handling stress-free, relaxed, and safe for both horse and rider.

Spectators are welcome at both the adult clinic during the day of the and the evening demonstration. They are invited to come and see how to aim for the optimum working relationship with any horse or pony by appreciating the whole welfare of the animal – physically, mentally and emotionally.

There is also a children’s two-day workshop being held at the Think Like a Pony Centre near Glenkindie, near Alford on the April 1 and 2.

There will be an age-specific approach to the understanding of how a pony thinks and how to communicate with them. Amongst other things the children will explore leadership, confidence building, and varied exercises showing how a combination of groundwork and ridden work will improve their relationship with their pony. Beginners are welcome.

For more information contact: Sophia: on 07545 395120 or at dalhaikie@aol.com