A helping hand for Graeme

Pete McAndie was glad to help out war veteran Graeme
Pete McAndie was glad to help out war veteran Graeme

A thoughtful police officer has come to the aid of a war veteran who was stranded in Aberdeen.

Graeme was making his way from Oxford to the HorseBack UK charity, based in Aboyne.

But when he arrived by bus in Aberdeen he realised he didn’t have transport to his destination.

Graeme, who is 77, asked Pete McAndie, a British Transport Police officer, if he could use their phone to arrange a lift.

But the kind-hearted policeman told him he would take him there.

The officer said: “People come to the police asking for help all the time and we’re not always able to give the assistance they need.

“Graeme wasn’t looking for anything other than to use the phone but it seemed an easy situation to fix and simple way to help someone, so I did, and I’m glad I did, I thoroughly enjoyed his company.”

Graeme served as a Leading Aircraftsman (LAC) in bomber command after he enlisted in 1960 and was referred to Horseback UK from Whitefoord House in Edinburgh, the Scottish Veterans’ Housing Association.

The Aboyne charity uses horses to help wounded and injured members of the miltary community regain confidence.

Its welfare liaison Lynne Artesse persuaded Graeme to visit their Deeside base for phase two of the programme.

She said: “He has had the time of his life over the last few days, riding horses and interacting with the other veterans on the course.”