A matter of life and death...

Forget about a mere bucket ‘list’ there is now the opportunity to write your life wishes on a whole wall in a new Deeside project.

The new project in Torphins asks people to come along and jot their life-long wishes on the specially created wall, situated in the village’s Platform 22.

Whether it be swim with dolphins or going to Disneyland, all residents are encouraged to note them down on the Torphins wall before kicking the bucket.

Claire Maitland of the Sandpiper Trust is behind the setting up of the North- east’s first ‘Before I die’ wall.

People will be able to reflect on their lives in Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief Awareness week, which is running between 13-19 May.

The idea is trans-Atlantic with American artist Candy Chang starting the now global project in an abandoned New Orleans house.

Similar walls have now sprung up across the world and attract everything from the fairly common ‘be a parent’ to ‘deserve a good obituary’ as well as some more humourous and light-hearted wishes like ‘learn to cartwheel’.

Claire and her sister Penny Dickson founded the Sandpiper trust following the death of her nephew aged just fourteen.

The large blackboard wall is being planned with the help of Emma and David Pattullo of Platform 22 in Torphins.

Clare, who is also a member of the organisation Good Life, Good Death, Good grief, which raises awareness of how to deal with bereavement, said: “To me, this is really a celebration of life, after all life is for living and taking a risk here and there.

“I am keen on the most gentle ways of ways for people to have a think about death, and maybe just to have the conversation. If by having a light-hearted discussion about say organ donation, advanced care planning or even preference of cremation versus burial, it can all help ease the pressure for family members having to cope with stressful decision making when confronted with the loss of a family member.”

Claire added: “I can never understand why, when it is a fact that none of us is immortal, dying and our End of Life wishes is a taboo subject. We need to break down these barriers.”

Dr Neil Campbell, a GP in Torphins agreed: “From a GP’s perspective, it is really helpful when people tell their family, friends and their doctor of any specific wishes they might have for end of life care as it means we already know exactly what they want.”

Emma Pattullo of Platform 22 said she was “really excited” to see the wall: “I’m really excited to see what everyone has to say (on the wall). A community art project like this is something we have never done here and Platform 22 is about being part of the community.

“It will give people time to stop and think about their lives, which is really important.”

Everyone who scribbles on the Tophins wall will also be in for a Royal treat as hard back copy of the Sandpiper Trust’s ‘The Swallow, the owl and the sandpiper’, which includes a poem contributed by The Queen, will be given to anyone who writes.