A special occasion as Registrar Molly retires

Molly is pictured with granddaughter Katy Crighton and Gary Moyes on Saturday
Molly is pictured with granddaughter Katy Crighton and Gary Moyes on Saturday

Aberdeenshire Council’s longest serving Registrar retired after almost half a century with the local authority - and her last wedding ceremony was extra special as it was her granddaughter tying the knot!

Ballater Registrar Molly Croll officiated at granddaughter Katy Crighton’s wedding on Saturday, February 25, before she closes the village’s registration office this Friday (March 2).

Mrs Croll is to retire after 47 years working with Aberdeenshire Council and its predecessor Local Authorities.

Mrs Croll said: “Katy only got engaged at Christmas, and when she heard I was retiring, she asked if it would be possible for me to come out of retirement for her wedding.

“I said I didn’t think I’d be able to, so she phoned me back and told me to keep February 25 free – she wanted to be my last bride. I’m very honoured.”

Mrs Croll said she had witnessed a lot of changes taking place in the service over the years and her time working as a Registrar had given her a glimpse into other people’s lives.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, “she said. “I’ve just taken it all in my stride. I’ve registered a lot of births over the years, and deaths of course. I used to know everybody in the village and you could reminisce with people who came into register a death, you could talk about the person who had passed away and they would go out with a smile on their face rather than crying.”

Mrs Croll is retiring to spend more time with her husband Gordon and the rest of the couple’s family.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Registration Manager, Maureen Shearer, said: “There must be many people in Ballater who can’t recollect a time when Molly wasn’t the Registrar there. She’s been working with the Registrars’ Service for the past 47 years and has undoubtedly registered countless events that span generations of the same families.

“I have worked with Molly for the past 16 years and have found her a joy to work with. She is a great people’s person who has been very popular with customers and colleagues alike and has often said that she’s enjoyed the work so much that it’s almost a sin having had to be paid for it!

“She’ll be missed within the team and I am sure in Ballater.”

Following the closure, Ballater customers will be able to register births or deaths at the Aboyne office or at any other registrars’ office.

Customers wishing to book a marriage or civil partnership ceremony within the Ballater area (including customers who have already booked a ceremony) must from Monday, March 5, get in touch with the Aboyne Registration Office.

The Aboyne Registration Office can be contacted at Bellwood Road, Aboyne, AB34 5HQ, by phone on 01339 886109 or email aboyne.registrar@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

For contact details for all other Aberdeenshire registration offices please visit www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/registrars.