A special weekend!

The weekend of June 2-4 is going to be a very special one in Banchory this year.

The annual St. Ternan’s Fair will coincide with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and will culminate in the lighting of the Banchory Beacon.

Ten years ago, a small group of Banchory residents met to think of a way to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Year. They planned to reinstate the St. Ternan’s Fair which was held in medieval times right up to the 19th Century, and had provided the community with an opportunity to meet, trade with other settlements (as Banchory was well placed at the centre of the old drovers’ routes) and celebrate the village’s patron saint, St. Ternan. It is said that there could be in excess of 500 stalls at these events.

St.Ternan’s Fair has since become a regular date again on the Banchory calendar, featuring some very popular events such as the Companion Dog Show, Ferret Championships and the Traditional Music “Birl” Tent – offering performances and workshops with traditional musicians and singers.

This year will see some special events added to the usual line-up, to celebrate the Jubilee, with opportunities for everyone in Banchory and surrounding communities to get involved. There will be a cabaret organised and performed by young people in the Town Hall, a parade run by the British Legion and featuring the local pipe band, and on Monday,June 4, the Banchory Beacon will be lit to bring the weekend to a close.

The Beacon is one of 2012 registered flames that will be lit that night across the land.

Town Co-ordinator, Jan Leatham, says:”The Fair Committee is inviting every local charity, business and club to take part in this special celebration. After all you are what makes the community special!”

She added: “And we don’t just mean Banchory, this is an event for the whole community of the Dee Valley. Please contact info@banchory.org or banchoryheritage@aol.com for more information, and for ideas of how to get involved.”