Aboyne Highland Games big success

The mass pipebands enter the field
The mass pipebands enter the field

The 2015 Aboyne Highland Games was a roaring success at the weekend, with fair weather and record-breaking feats of strength.

It began with a procession by all the pipe bands performing a lap of the field, an aerophone army putting on a display of perfect pitch and displine.

Then, the Marquis of Huntly opened the games officially, saying: “I think it is worth mentioning in Scotland that we are a fast moving country, and we sometimes look at the Highland Games as something from the past.

“But I hope you know that we in Scotland are extremely proud of our history, and these games are a part of that.”

The Honourable Chieftain went on to thank the organisers for executing the orchestration of the huge event with “minimum fuss and bother”.

The weather was neither too hot nor too cold for the most part, only turning to rain with a little thunder rolling in the distance at a little after 3pm, during an epic pull of tug of war (the victory inched by Ellon, though the overall winners were Cornhill).

This wet weather saw the gravity shift from seats around the field to the tents of the various clans for wine, sandwhiches and informative discussions, and the outlying stalls of crafts and local charities, but the weather was back to fine form before long, in time to see the World Record for the Weight Over the Bar to be broken (see page four).

Pipe music, drummers and Highland dancing scored the event in fitting tradition for the 10,000-ish in attendance, from the very start to the very end.