Aboyne one of five for recycling scheme

New recycling containers are to be installed at Aboyne, making it easier for people to recycle on the go.

Residents will see bins for cans and plastic bottles installed in various locations to make recycling more accessible during normal daily activities.

Sited on well-used “litter corridors”, locations for the containers have been carefully chosen in consultation with local academy pupils and staff to maximise their effectiveness.

The bins are already in place in Inverurie, with containers for Aboyne and several other towns set to be installed by the end of this week.

Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure services director, Stephen Archer, said: “This is an exciting new facility that provides another opportunity to recycle in Aberdeenshire.

“We hope it will be a success and that other towns will also be able to become part of Recycle on the Go in future.”

Head of the council’s protective services and waste management, Ian Robertson, added: “The pupils should be very proud of their input into this project. It is good to know how much they care about their local environment.”

Local pupils have been involved in producing artwork for the end panels on some of the bins, while Ellon Academy held a competition to find the best posters to help promote the new containers.

S1 pupil Fraser Ely said: “I think the posters were fun and it was a good competition. The bins will be better and bigger so more litter can go in.”

Jono Tosh from Aboyne Academy added: “It’s ‘bin’ an awesome experience. It’s good that we got to pick where to put the bins. After all, we are the people who will use them the most.”

The Recycling on the Go containers have been provided with funding from Zero Waste Scotland and will help Aberdeenshire Council’s drive to increase recycling rates.

As well as involving local pupils, social work projects such as the Aboyne-based Recycle will also be getting involved.

To find out more about recycling in Aberdeenshire including the locations of all our recycling points and centres, visit www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/waste or call Wasteline on 0845 600 3 900.