Aboyne playwright at the Fringe

Julie J and her acting troop
Julie J and her acting troop

A former Aboyne academy pupil’s modern interpretation of Shakespere’s Romeo and Juliet has been booked at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

With tounge firmly in cheek, Victoria Baker’s ‘Rodney and Julie J’ takes the tragedy of Verona and applies it to supermarket competition, swapping Montague and Capulet for Tesco and Asda.

Victoria’s love of drama was instilled at Aboyne Academy, developing from the Deeside culture of encouraging the arts.

She said: “I took part in Deeside Children’s Youth Theatre and even went on to choreograph for them at a later date.

‘‘Along with the amazing arts heritage we have in Deeside- I decided to study acting upon leaving school.”

After fund-raising for just over a year Victoria and her production company Two Thirds Theatre have broken even before heading to the fringe itself, having raised a little over £6000

Victoria said: “The idea from the beginning was to break even, so that all the company members could share the profit from ticket sales.

‘‘Thus it gives them their first professional credits since graduating.

‘‘These days it is extremely hard for an actor to gain a professional credit without an agent and you can’t get a professional credit without an agent.

‘‘This is especially so for those who can’t afford to attend an “accredited” acting school.”

The show has already received interest from touring companies and the Globe theatre in Germany.

Visit http://www.twothirdstheatre.co.uk/ for more information.