Academy awards ‘young thinkers’


Aboyne Academy held its first ever “Young Thinker of the Year” competition this year, and seven pupils rose to the challenge.

Pupils were invited to write a 1000-word paper on the theme of “a simple idea to make Scotland a better place”.

Tom Thomson (S6) argued for the abandonment of nuclear weapons to drive economic and social improvement.

Sam Yule (S4) argued for the abandonment of financial regulation and the embrace of a free market economy.

At the opposite end of the spectrum Sasha Potter (S6) argued for the abandonment of money and the advent of a society based on co-operative communities.

Kate Samuel (S5) wrote persuasively that the British media needed to change its negative portrayal of Scottish sport in order to inspire healthy and more active youngsters.

Isla Kitching (also S5) argued that Scotland, and in fact the whole world, would be a better place if every Scottish school was linked with a school in the developing world.

Finally Corin Reid (S6) passionately argued that Scotland would be a better place if society revised its pre-conceived ideas about gender and sexuality.

After much debate among the judges Isla’s paper was chosen as the winner.