Alford attractions to benefit from cash windfall

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Two Alford attractions are “very pleased” with the announcement of a major funding boost as part of Aberdeenshire Council’s £13 million investment across a range of schemes.

Grampian Transport Museum and Alford Heritage Centre are in line for a windfall of £70,00 in additional funding

The transport museum will receive £50,00 and the heritage centre £20,000.

Commenting on the decision, Mike Ward of Grampian Transport Museum said: “We are all very pleased with this development, it will go a long way to improving the experience for visitors. We want to improve what we do and we need these facilities to remain competitive.”

The funds will be used by the museum to build a new reception area and improve the gift shop on the site.

“Visitors today have higher expectations than they had 30 years ago when we opened and the funds will go towards us remaining relevant.”

Alford Heritage Centre also welcomed the news.

Head volunteer Bob Henderson said: “This is simply great news, we have some structural problems at the centre that need addressed that the money will go on that.”

The centre will use the funds on renovating the building fabric and waterproofing.

“It will pro-long the life of the building and help us to maintain it better, people won’t be feeling drips of water on their necks anymore!” Mr Henderson added.

The funds come as part of last week’s decision by Aberdeenshire’s Alliance Council to invest more than £13 million in various schemes across the region.

The funds are being generated from council savings during 2011/2012 and are to be spend on six key areas of development identified by Aberdeenshire council at last week’s meeting in Aberdeen.

The proposals focus on six key areas of investing in towns and villages; providing assistance to small businesses; boosting tourism and hospitality industries; increasing pre-school and nursery provision; increasing care at home services for older people; and accelerating plans to improve roads, provide affordable housing and replacing schools and care homes.