Alford man is a regular Pawcasso

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An Alford man who was made redundant from a 25-year career in the oil industry has recently discovered a hidden talent.

Dave Devine, who worked as a Mud Engineer, has gone from the platform to the canvas to make some cash painting family pets.

“I had a big box of paints up in the loft, they were the kids from when they were little” Dave told the Piper.

“I decided to paint a picture of our dog to give me something to do and once I was finished people began telling me how good they thought it looked.”

Dave put the picture of Meg, the families 14-year old Border Collie, on display in his house and guests soon began admiring the work.

“After they saw it friends would start asking if I could paint a picture of their dog, and then asked for picture of friends pets to give as gifts and it has kept growing from there.”

Dave, who paints his pictures from photos, has since branched out from just dogs and has painted horses and bulls for customers.

“I can turn my hand to pretty much any animal, in fact I intend to over the next few months.

“Come Spring time I’m hoping to do a lot more work outside in the fields.

“I never saw this as a big money maker when I drew the first picture but people are telling me I could make a living doing this.

“I’ve got the one room in the house where I do my painting so things aren’t too messy around the house, which keeps the wife happy, and I’m enjoying the work.”

Anyone who would like Dave to paint a picture of their pet or any other animal can contact him via his email address