Alford MRAS to cease sales

Alford Magic Round About Sales: No more
Alford Magic Round About Sales: No more

The Alford Magic Round About Sales (MRAS) Committee have announced that sales will be stopping, after struggling to attract new members.

The voluntary organisation that held sales of people’s unused items, and donated a cut of the proceeds to children’s groups, released a statement on their Facebook page saying that they will be stopping sales with immediate effect, and that the scheduled sale on Saturday, November 7 will no longer take place.

Pip Mackie, Alford MRAS Chairperson, said: “I’m sad on a personal level that it’s finished. I’ve got two children of my own and I got a lot of their stuff from Magic Round About sales when they were small.

“The sales were also a great social occasion, and you would always run into people you hadn’t seen in a while.”

Alford MRAS used to take 20 per cent from each item sold, and pool the money to give out grants to children’s groups in the area, from Strathdon to Moneymusk.

But over the past couple of years, the number of people wanting to sell with them has started to dwindle, as has the number of volunteers wanting to get involved.

Pip added: “The remainder of what we’ve raised will be still be going to a local children’s group, but we’re still figuring out the details.”

The Facebook statement concluded: “Over the last 11 years we have raised over £22,000 for children’s groups in the Alford area, which is a fantastic achievement.

“The Alford MRAS Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the buyers, sellers and helpers who have supported us during this time.”