An audience with comedian Jeremy Hardy: Banchory tour

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Celebrating 30 years as a stand-up comedian, actor and BBC radio personality Jeremy Hardy will bring his latest tour to Banchory this month.

Since 1984, Hardy has become a familiar face on the stand-up scene with accolades including Perrier Award Winner 1988 and Best Live Comedian at the ITV Comedy Awards in 1991.

He is best known for his work on Radio 4, including The News Quiz, Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation (currently on Radio 4) and I’m Sorry I Haven’t Clue (which has made his horrible singing voice rather famous).

Writing credits include books My Family And Other Strangers (2010), and in front of the camera Jeremy appeared in Mike Figgis’s film Hotel alongside Burt Reynolds, DavidSchwimmer and Rhys Ifans, and played the jailor in an episode of Blackadder Goes Forth.

We spoke to him about his upcoming Deeside performance.

Tell us a bit about your latest tour.

I’ll be thinking about the referendum in the next couple of weeks and I’ll be talking in my shows about the state of British politics. It’s quite complicated in Scotland because a lot of things are devolved. I’ve played in Scotland a number of times but I haven’t been up there since the referendum. I’ll also be talking about general themes of society such as education, class, gender and death. My obsessions are really class and death.

Why has death become a 
recurring theme?

Death just always seems to crop up. I guess it’s just an end point. There’s no overriding theme to my shows, as I find that limiting.

Is this the first time you’ve played in Deeside?

No, I’ve been all over Scotland over the years and have played at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen and once before at Woodend Barn. I’m not up in Scotland as much as I’d like. I think my agents think it’s a long way to go!

Can we expect more of the political views you’ve been known to share on the radio?

Yes, it’s interesting territory in Scotland. My Scottish friends still living in Scotland voted Yes and my Scottish friends living in England voted No. I was kind of down the middle on it.

What was your most memorable appearance?

Probably when I played in Ireland, in Belfast around the time of the Birmingham Six. Hugh Callaghan came to the show. But it’s been so long the shows roll into one. I also remember playing in Dundee and I left my copy of Heart of Darkness in the hotel room.

Do you remember your first ever show?

It was just down the road from where I live now actually, in a pub just nearby. I played at the Balham Comedy Festival this year for my 30th anniversary gig. I remember the early days more vividly than the ones in between.

What would you say to the people of Banchory before your show?

People like Radio 4 in Banchory. My agents said the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen and Woodend Barn were too close together but they are completely different demongraphics. Banchory is a lovely spot and Woodend Barn is a lovely venue.

Jeremy Hardy will bring his Live Autumn Tour 2014 to Banchory’s Woodend Barn on October 27. Tickets are available from the Box Office on 01330 825431 or from