And the bride wore... a rather unusual veil

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The dress was not the focus of the big day at a local artist’s wedding after she unveiled a handmade headpiece at the Deeside ceremony.

Aberdeen artist Nicole Porter surprised guests when she married Gareth Williams at the Falls of Feugh Restaurant last week.

Heads turned towards the bride, with all eyes on her very different take on the traditional veil, designed by Perth milliner, Jeanette at Hat in the Cat.

After tying the knot, Nicole went on to unveil a portrait of herself and her new husband Gareth, which was intended to immortalise the couple on canvas forever.

Speaking before the wedding, Nicole said: “We’ve not booked a wedding photographer to capture a snapshot of one day. As an alternative to wedding photos, we will have a wedding portrait.

“Like all my work, the longer the viewer spends looking at it, they will discover through their visual journey of discovery all the symbols that represent aspects of our relationship.”

The inspiration for the Porter Williams ceremony was that Nicole didn’t want a wedding. She wanted a marriage.

The happy couple embarked on their honeymoon after the very different day, which also involved an ice-cream cake personalised by Nicole.