Andy set for Strathdon

The Lonach Hall at Strathdon is to present a concert by Andy Chung on Saturday, May 28.

Andy has performed live, both solo and accompanied by other musicians, extensively throughout Scotland and the north of England.

Over the past six years, he has become a well-loved character on the Scottish folk/world music scene, a finalist in the 1998 Danny Kyle awards at Celtic Connections in Glasgow and a regular performer at the Edinburgh Folk Club.

Kirkcaldy-born Andy drifted into a career in music after leaving Glasgow School of Art in 1988, playing in a succession of rock bands and rhythm and blues outfits. Though the musical seed were sown at a very early age through the Chinese folk music much beloved of his parents (within the Chinese comunity in Scotland, his father is a well-known writer and performer of Hakka mountain songs, a traditional form encompassing story telling and intricate word play, often with a mischevious humour) his influences are also drawn from Scottish and Irish songwriting and a love for country blues styles.

The evolution between his first CD release, The Penny Falls (1999) and second CD Songs for the Glass Queen (2002), show a growing confidence as a recording artist. Produced at Washoose Studios, in South Lanarkshire, with ‘Dr. Bone’ on the sound desk and the support of Stevie Johnstone (keyboards), Ian Stoddart (drums and percussions) and Axel Campbell (mandolin) Andy’s latest albums (‘369’ and ‘The MacChung’) have achieved new depth while retaining their intimacy and individuality.

Doors open 7.30pm and tickets are £8 in advance. Contact Becky on (019756) 51743 or Simon on (019756) 51779.

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