Arsonists destroy artwork with “methodical” attack

Canoe Club Art
Canoe Club Art
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The Deeside festival’s latest event has been marred by an act of wilful vandalism after an outdoor sculpture was destroyed by arsonists.

Aboyne artistic community group, Scene on the Green have overseen the design of 14 sculptures built to be part of a network of trails this summer in collaboration with the Deeside Festival.

The artists spent the day, Wednesday working to put the various sculptures crafted by community groups in place. A few hours later the sculpture, created by the Aboyne Canoe club was taken down from a high tree and burned.

Stephanie Vandem of Scene on the Green was shocked.

She said: “What is disturbing about the vandalism is the methodical manner this was done. The sculpture was 6 feet off the ground. By the evidence left, it looks like it was taken down nicely rather than pulled from the ground.”

The ropes which attached it to the tree were then put to the side, rolled up and left neatly beside the charred sculpture.

This is the third incident involving vandalism against Scene on the Green property.

As well as the fire, a banner which hangs at the business centre was vandalised, then a window was smashed.

Christopher Redmond, Aboyne Canoe Club chairman, said: “I believe it was taken down deliberately and set alight. Please inform the police if you saw anyone. I’m so gutted, saddened and angry.”