Awards for young local volunteers

Are you a young volunteer? Would you like to have the hours you volunteer in your school or local community recognised? Well now you can and the Aberdeenshire Volunteer Centre is here to help, writes Development Officer, Carole Peacock

The Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award has recently been introduced within Aberdeenshire schools and local community groups. It supports the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence through the development of two key capacities - responsible citizens and effective contributors.

The award recognises small blocks of volunteering (10, 20, 30 and 45+ hours) each academic year and will be administered by Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire (VCA), supported by The Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership. An Information Sheet which provides an overview of the award is available on request from VCA.

The Saltire Award is replacing The Millennium Volunteer Award (MV) from 1st April 2012. This award is a national programme for young people between 12 and 25 years and is designed to recognise achievements in volunteering. Like the MV the new award is supported by The Scottish Government.

The Saltire Award has four levels: Challenge, Approach, Ascent and Summit, with volunteering hours ranging from 10 to 500. There is the opportunity to go on to become a Saltire Ambassador and be involved in the award on different levels including promotional, and decision making roles on the Summit Award panel.

Awarding Organistions

The Volunteer Friendly Award is a simple user friendly quality standard designed by The Volunteer Centre Dundee to support, recognise and reward groups who are good at involving volunteers.

Many essential services in Scotland’s communities are enhanced by volunteers.

Volunteering also has a significant social value as it is increasingly being used to give excluded individuals the chance to build their confidence and skills through helping others.

It has never been more important for groups to be able to show how good they are at involving and managing their volunteers.

Volunteer Friendly helps you to take a systematic look at what you do and how you do it. It offers a flexible approach which allows your group to work at its own pace, with full support from your local Volunteer Centre. It is based on the national standard Investing in Volunteers (IiV) but is designed for small organisations which may not be ready to undertake IiV yet, or which may be looking for a stepping stone towards IiV.

For more details about any of the above awards or to register for any of them then contact the Aberdeenshire Volunteer Centre, telephone 01330 825794, or email or visit the website at: