Ballater Little masons’ parade

The Ballater Little Masons march is on Sunday, December 30 - open to boys aged between 3 and 12 from the local area.

Boys meet in The Albert Hall, Station Square at 1pm before going on a march through the village of Ballater led by the Ballater and District pipe band. They will march to the golf club where they are treated to a buffet with a silver scramble to follow. Once more the parade will be back on the road this time ending back at the Albert Hall.

Girls of the same ages are welcome in the hall at 3pm when they will be joined by the returning boys. A children’s disco is held where Santa will arrive with a big bag of presents.

The Ballater little masons march was founded in 1844, originally started as benevolence to local children who would not otherwise have had a Christmas party, by Lodge St Nathalan 259.

For many years now organised by a group of local volunteers desperately trying to continue with the tradition of the event, the only one of its kind in the country, if not the world.

Organisers hope that new residents to the area as well as existing ones will turn out to view the parade of Ballater and District pipe band, Ballater little masons with the marshalls of Ballater Charitable Chiels.