Ballogie faces final curtain

A meeting is being held at Ballogie Hall next week to discuss the future of the Ballogie Community Association and the hall.

Last year the Ballogie Hall Committee had doubts about the future of the hall and to gauge support invited everyone to attend a cheese and wine party to discuss the future of the hall. About 30 residents attended and voted that the hall should continue and that some new events should be considered.

Over the summer months three successful fairs were held plus a quiz night, bike ride, BBQ and ceilidh.

The Committee also discussed various options for additional events and planned indoor bowling, card and game afternoons/evenings, table tennis and table football sessions, a Ramblers Club, plus a Burns Night and musical evening, and a Spring Roup.

The public were invited to attend a meeting just before the AGM on November 22 to gauge support. but only two people turned up, and at the meeting , five of the seven committee members resigned saying they were not prepared to continue without the support of the local community.

The two remaining Committee members were therefore left with no option but to cancel all the future events, and the hall is therefore currently closed with no future activities planned.

Part of the hall problems are also due to the poor state of its infrastructure and the funds required to bring it up to 21st century standards, and the increasing paperwork in running the hall. These are common problems facing many halls these days.

The meeting on Monday, April 11 (7.30pm) to discuss the future options regarding Ballogie Hall will be chaired by the Chairman of the Birse and Ballogie Community Council, and it is hoped that the two remaining hall committee members, together with the hall’s trustees and representatives from Ballogie Estate Enterprises and the Birse Community Trust, will be in attendance.

Everybody with an interest in Ballogie Hall is welcome to go to the meeting.