Banchory Academy - Inspectors’ report

Banchory Academy was inspected in September
Banchory Academy was inspected in September

Aberdeenshire Council has welcomed the Education Scotland Report on the quality of education at Banchory Academy - inspected in September this year - as part of its national sample for education.

HM Inspectors identified the a number of key strengths of the school,including ‘the quality of young people’s learning experiences, outstanding levels of attainment in national examinations by the end of S6, positive relationships between staff and young people and the support provided to young people requiring additional support with their learning.

The Inspection report identified some areas for improvement, including to ‘develop the curriculum and ensure that young people continue to achieve to the highest levels while experiencing their full entitlements, ensure the school’s approaches for improving its work through self-evaluation are more coordinated and rigorous and focus on tracking young people’s progress.

The report also said the school should involve parents, young people and staff more effectively in the school’s arrangements for improving its work.

Aberdeenshire Council said it will work with the headteacher and school management to address the areas requiring improvement.