Banchory Bangle is top raffle prize

The 2011 Banchory Bangle
The 2011 Banchory Bangle

The 2011 Banchory Bangle - designed, carved and engraved by jeweller Malcolm Appleby - is to be raffled at this year’s Touch of Tartan Ball on November 25, in aid of Children 1st.

Every year, Mr Appleby’s bangle is a highly sought-after accessory in the North-east and this year’s design features acorns and oak leaves. Raffle tickets are available from Children 1st’s fundraising office in Aberdeen.

Award winning jeweller and royal engraver, Malcolm has been making the Banchory Bangle since 1976. In 1990, he created his first gold bangle, engraved with swans. Each year, themes for the Banchory Bangle are chosen from local flora and fauna, and often have personal meaning to Malcolm.

Speaking of his inspiration for this year’s design, Malcolm said: “While living at Crathes, by Banchory, I knew the forester for Crathes Castle. He would show me the oaks that he had planted in the grounds and there was a young oak tree growing on the boundary of my railway station property. I have seen huge ancient oaks since early childhood – climbed them and crawled inside them. It’s a joy to be with them and watch the acorns grow into three leaf saplings.”

There will be one gold and one silver Bangle as this year’s first prize.