Banchory Book Group Day

Banchory Book Group Day offers a chance for like-minded individuals, who share a love of books, to come together one day in the year and take part in a lively discussion on the chosen books.

In excess of 20 groups are active in the area and even if the majority of group members did not particularly like a book, the subject matter will always generate lively discussion, not only on the merits or otherwise of the writing, but also springing from the subject itself.

Now in its ninth year, the Banchory Book Group Day will take place in November at the usual venue of the Banchory Lodge Hotel.

The six books under discussion have been chosen, with the remit they should sustain good discussion and be of interest to a diverse mix of people.

Those registering to attend will be asked to make a choice (at a later date) of two books from the list of six.

For further information or to register, contact Jane Williamson on (01330) 823158 or e-mail: by May 31.