Banchory bookie supporters speak

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Since last week’s issue, Piper readers have taken to social media to express their support for the betting shop application for Banchory High Street.

At the time of going to print last week, the Piper’s Facebook page was mainly made up of comments against the application.

Now many have come out of the woodwork to support it.

The new bookmakers, rumoured locally to be a Ladbrokes store, is planned to be located at 68 High Street in former Inter-Sport shop.

121 representations were received by Aberdeenshire Council regarding the proposal meaning it will now be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the Marr Area Committee.

Danny Carter said on Facebook that it showed that “snobbery is rife” in Banchory: “It just goes to show how snobbery is rife in little Banchory. I couldn’t care less personally, as the High Street is full of hairdressers for the elderly, coffee shops for the elderly and shoe shops for the elderly. Most of the moaners on here probably use Bet Victor when they’re home anyway. What Banchory needs is a Poundland, Farmfoods and a Home Bargains, like Inverurie. But that won’t happen as those shops are “common”.”

Diane Brown said to those against the application: “... maybe you would like another empty building in the street?!... You all really need to move with the times. And if half of you shopped in the store it maybe wouldn’t have come to this. Good luck to Ladbrokes is all I can say and I’m just glad I still have my job.”

Holly Clowes said: “I personally dont care... Not everyone cant afford high street prices... This is why i shop online because its cheaper... All there is, is coffee shops and hairdressers. I would welcome a new change, however I would not use it becauseI do not believe in betting.”