Banchory fireworks

Banchory and District Round Table will hiold their annual Bonfire and Fireworks display in the George V park on November 3 this year.

This event is free to attend although people are asked to contribute to a charity fund.

This source of funding is then managed by the Table members to help local good causes and charities.

Last year’s event - the 26th - was the most successful to date, thanks largely to sponsorship from local businesse and raised over £8,000.

It was estimated that in excess of 8000 people attended the event.

A Table spokesman said:”As years have gone on, people’s expectations of such an event, along with an increase in costs to effectively manage health and safety, has meant the fireworks display has been sub-contracted to a local company, expert in such displays.

In order to ensure that the cost of the fireworks (in excess of £3,500) do not take away from the valuable donations from the visiting public, we are keen to meet much of this cost through sponsorship from local businesses.”

Any local business interested in supporting this event can call 07760 924891 or email

The bonfire will be lit at 6.30 pm on November 3, with the fireworks’ display starting at 7pm.