Banchory Heritage Society meeting

Rhynie Wifie: Pauline
Rhynie Wifie: Pauline

Banchory Heritage Society have issued an open invitation to ‘An Evening with...Pauline Cordiner’ on Monday, March 31.

Pauline is a traditional singer, storyteller, musician and is also well known as a member of the ‘Rhynie Wifies’ historic enactment group, founded when Archaeolink Prehistory Park was closed down.

Four of the staff decided that it would be a shame to let their knowledge and skills go to waste.

Pauline said: “We became the Rhynie Wifies - named after the Rhynie Man, a pictish carved stone who we always thought looked a bit hen pecked!

The meeting will be at the Episcopal church hall in the High Street, doors open at 7.30. Visitors are asked for £1 to cover refreshments, free entry for members. More infor from or call: 01330 822105.