Banchory resident wants respect from neighbours

A RESIDENT of a Deeside facility that provides accommodation for vulnerable young people has spoken out following complaints from her neighbours.

Thursday, 13th May 2010, 10:25 am

The Piper last month received complaints from local residents about underage drinking and drug-taking at the Banchory Foyer, located on Sycamore Road in Hill of Banchory.

The Foyer provides accommodation for young people, including single parents, ex-offenders, people with drink and drug problems and people with learning difficulties or mental health issues.

Grampian Police said that they had not received any recent complaints from local residents relating to behaviour at the facility.

One female resident who moved to The Foyer because she was homeless, said she has felt "let down by her neighbours in the last few weeks".

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "As I leave my building I am looked down upon as if I am nothing but scum.

"I feel that the complaints made are unfair as everyone who lives in The Foyer is over 18. I am not an ex-offender, a drug taker nor an alcoholic, I am just a homeless person who has never lived independently. It is not fair that the building has been taken as a whole as most people living here are quiet, respectful and mature individuals.

"We are individuals with different backgrounds and reasons for being here and I hope people can see us like that and open their minds to who we really are."

An Aberdeenshire Council spokeswoman said incidents of bad behaviour at The Foyer had been investigated and dealt with and neighbouring residents had been informed.

She added: ""Aberdeenshire Council works in partnership with The Foyer to provide support to young homeless people and is confident of the service they deliver in Banchory and across the area.

"The Foyer works closely with the local authority to provide support to people using its services and any problems would be dealt with in line with policy."